Saturday, August 28, 2010

Cooking out

This was a quick invite actually pulling from a 3D apron invitation I made a while back. Normally, I don't create the same design twice and this wasn't exactly the same but she needed something quick and she liked the apron idea. So, I just used the same apron drawing on flat card stock. It worked. :)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

More train party pictures!

And I had to make family shirts! I took the train I drew from the invitation and designed shirts, Levi, The Conductor, Momma of the Conductor, Daddy of the Conductor, and the baby had I'm with the Conductor! These were simply iron-on. Oh and the location was Trackside Diner right by the railroad tracks downtown! They have all sorts of model trains inside and windows on the wall to give an illusion of traveling on a train. SO, actually the background you see here, was my idea, a little help from a local print shop and voila! I think Trackside liked it so much, they decided to keep it! :)

He loved it!

The BIG hit! Can't have a train party without a train!

These were food/table labels my aunt made. You can't tell by this photo but the train was stamped to cardstock, colored, and embossed... cut out and stuck on another cardstock with a pop-dot to be 3D.

The Baggage claim is where I had the party favors, colored candies, a shirt I made with the train I drew for the invitations, and a train whistle.

Tattoo station- train tattoos and sponges cut into trains!

Got this sign idea online from the modern train party, but sort of made it my own.

I came up with the "name train" in which I cut cardstock into squares, glued circles to them, and all the guests signed their name to a "train car" along with writing birthday wishes!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Choo! Choo! Train Party Hit!

Photo Booth-train I drew, cut out, and painted. There's also a coal car attached.

Train cake my aunt made me with cotton candy smoke! The humidity got to it though and it started to look like rock candy! LOL!

Cupcake toppers, my aunt also made! But I made the cupcakes with special fillings inside, chocolate with Cream cheese filling, white with strawberry filling, and red velvet with vanilla filling.

The "Happy 4th Birthday Levi" train banner I made with scrapbook paper.

The DIY tin train! Turned out much cuter than expected! Saw this idea online...

T-shirts I made with the train I drew out for Invitations...

There were many stations, this one was the fueling station with the food. I served Choo! Choo! dogs, Box Car Burgers, Railroad Rotini... Many of my party ideas came from this site I made everything myself with a little help from an assembly line of family :)

Monday, August 9, 2010

Choo! Choo! Train Invitation

My son's Train birthday party invitations! My invitations were inspired by: I simply drew it out similar to theirs, but added a few more cars considering my son is 4 and decided to cut around to appear more like a traveling train.