Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I'm behind on posting...

And still have to dig up some recent designs that are on an external drive! But in the meantime, I found this ad I created for a church calendar.

Oooooooo Dramatic

This one was fun to make. I like it being spooky but also whimsical! Just perfect for a Ghost Tour and an evening of theatre! Cute party idea, I must admit! Wish I thought of it. :)

Business Card

I have many more designs I have to post but they are on an external drive, so tonight I'm just posting what's at my fingertips, so some of these are totally out of order, but nonetheless still available for you to see! :) Hoping to pull even earlier designs (but still fairly recent) soon for ya! oh and now the card :) I designed two versions of this card, a card that is just one sided, then another sample that is back and front... when printed, the chosen version was printed on high glossy stock so it looked really nice.

Safari Party

I have so many designs to post! I have been so behind, and I'm still going to be! :) Gonna post a few tonight and hopefully get back on with a few more soon! But this was for my daughter's first birthday! We had everything it mentions, even the safari ride through the..well...safari! :) All decor was jungle themed, a lot of it I made (place mats, wall decals, stand up animal silouttes, invitation, etc). The food table was part of the "waterfall" I put together with paper, tule, and netting. My sister helped make the vines that hung in the doorway as people entered into the party. The face painting was AWESOME and so were the balloon animals! While on the safari ride, everyone got to hear the "tour guide" (me) tell a few facts about each animal as we passed them. I also had a cd of animal sounds playing in each "safari jeep." When we returned it was time for "banana splits" and singing happy birthday! She loved it and ate her entire cake!