Friday, April 19, 2013

Nascar/ Hot Wheels Birthday Party

My son's 6th birthday party at JD Motorsports - team for Nascar Nationwide Drive Mike Wallace! The garage was on our road and they were gracious enough to let Levi celebrate right there, where they work and build the cars!  I designed and printed all the signs and decor... the "oil cans" were actually baby formula cans that I spray painted silver and dropped a juice box inside with the straw coming through can of lid.  A friend of mine printed the ice cream cone papers for me and name labels- it's great to have creative friends! :) My aunt made the give-aways ("spoiler") -- hot wheels cars belt pouch!  Two cars fit in each. My husband made the sprinkler "car wash" system. We had veggies in cups with dressing for "dip sticks."  I made pizza swirls and called them "Hot Wheels."  The ones on sticks were called "stickers."  Of course the food table was called "The Pits." When we cut the awesome car cake, I put a spoon full of cake in ice cream cone then topped with ice cream---mmmmm nice little treat and no one needed utensils! As for the activities, besides the sprinkler, all the children got to color/design their own hot wheels car and then race it down a 30ft hot wheels track! They were also able get their picture taken with the#1 race car!  It was a great party! He LOVED it! :)

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Leopards and fireworks!

Almost to forgot to post this design! She loves leopard print so if you look close enough you will see it in the fireworks! :)

Facebook cover

A custom designed Facebook cover for Limestone College's student government association.

King of the Jungle

This baby shower invitation turned out cute. I really liked the color combo... I drew the lion which turned out better than I thought! :) And I added a brown ribbon (bow) near top.

Peace, love, skating rink party!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

DVD Cover Christmas Pageant

I can even design DVD covers-who'd a thunk it! ;) It was a quickie, that's for sure! I whipped this up in less than an hour simply due to time constraints... could've looked nicer if I had more time! But I still hope everyone liked it just the same. :)

I can thank Richard with for asking me to do it! ;)

Monkey Around!

This was a unique request! haha! He loves monkeys and he loves soccer, so that's what he wanted, monkeys playing soccer! It actually turned out pretty cute! :)

Are you ready for some football??

A football themed party invitation I designed.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Silver Wedding!

I can truly say this is a unique design, no other person in the world will have wedding invitations like these! haha! It was certainly a challenge to find some of the papers, since some are now discontinued, but nevertheless, these turned out beautiful! The text was printed on a pearlized or quartz paper. I layered the invitation with a strip of patterned, embossed paper which I painted silver. I love how everything goes in the pearlized, vertical envelope. I really like the style of a vertical envelope. =)