Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Aha! What an Amazing Race!

I got to make the clue cards for each team, the car magnets, tshirt design, and labels! I loved it! :)

Bedenbaugh Brochure

A brochure I was privileged to make for Bedenbaugh Chiropractic... They needed one to hand out at health fairs. They have a great concept and they don't crack and pop you like traditional chiropracters. So, that was what they wanted to emphasize in the brochure.

Monkey Around!

I really enjoyed designing this invitation and thank you cards! The white circle on the invite is where a photo was inserted.

Football/Cheerleading Invite

This was simple but themey! For twins (boy and girl)... the party was a huge hit with the Tiger himself!

He's finally here!

ok so here are some cutesy baby announcements... lots of layering scrapbooking materials with these... so they turned out really cute, especially with the ribbon...

Whu?Whu? Wuz the buzz? :)

ok I did not design John Parris' cherokee buzz logo. We needed quick t-shirts so I ironed the logo on some shirts! Hey when ya need something inexpensive and quick, ironing is the way to go! :)