Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Halloween Party!

This is a fun filled Halloween invitation that I thought turned out just adorable, and a little spooky :-)

Boss' Day

Ok, so I have had a challenge this week with the request of making Boss' Day cards for 4 men and 1 woman...I tell ya I love a challenge! Making a greeting card for a man isn't easy but I did what I could with what little I knew about these people and I think they turned out pretty cute! I hope they like them...the fish card is a pocket with note coming out, the oreo turns open, and then there is the layered deer in headlights card...I will post the other 2 soon! :-)

Halloween Tree

ok here's my halloween tree for spirit...not much to it but ghosts and ribbon, I wanted to paint it black and then thought maybe I can start using it for every occasion and if I paint it well I will always have to paint why make it it's green for now...:)

Pretty in Pink!

Well, this is the latest birth announcement. I used pearlized or "metallics" paper to give it that lustrous shimmer affect. I tilted it here so you can see the sparkle but it is really subtle. It turned out really nice. Oh, I also put a pink stripe on the envelope and printed the addresses in pink...the perfect color! :)

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

It's time for Halloween

found this great idea to BOO! my neighbors so this is what I did...I made Halloween baskets and bags filled with eyeball cupcakes (I created using cream cheese icing and gummy lifesavers), white chocolate popcorn hand with candycorn fingernails:-), added a ghost, the poem, some spiders with spider web, some ghost lollipops, hershey kisses, and a pumpkin candle...this is such fun for kids and for your neighborhood! Oh, I drew ghosts on the bag and then glued the eyeballs to it...

Kitchen Shower Invites

I created a kitchen bridal shower invitation for a friend, and so I designed an apron with a pocket. Inside the pocket is the actual "recipe card" invite. I did a play on words and thought they turned out to be adorable. Oh and I did address labels to match.

Thank You Cards

I did these thank you notes for a friend having twin boys. The idea came from her bedding which has circles and has the same colors. I drew the boys in the bassinet electronically. I then glittered the circles and cut out glitter paper to paste the boys on, then on top of that I added two more layers with the green layer and then the thank you layer...and VOILA...I like the "over and over" playing on twins (2) and the circles... very cute!