Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Cute Cupcake!

Cute cupcake card designed using decor elements. I've posted a digital image and a (not so good photo) printed version. :)

House Warming

I thought these turned out cute for a housewarming. She wanted some 3D element so I added the sheer ribbon and free handedly cut keys! :)

Monday, August 15, 2011

A Sunny Shower!

I must say I loved these bridal shower invitations! Sunflowers and the color purple are being used as the wedding theme so I incorporated that into the bridal shower invitations. Purple is my favorite color and even more so when it sparkles! ;)

A Party to "Dye" For!

Ok so my pictures are out of order but I will explain the best I can! :) My son's favorite color is "tie dye" so that's what we did! We had spin art, sand art, and of course, dying of shirts! I hope everyone had a good time! :)

The spin art is above. The children got to choose paint colors and have them spin around to create a masterpiece to be framed!

The birthday boy, so happy to be 5!

My Baby girl getting to do some shirt dying!

The awesome tie dye cake! It was tie dye inside and out! Deeeeelicious too!

You can't tell alot by this photo but even the flames from the candles were colored!

Haha! I'm pointing out the colored flames! :)

At every birthday party I've thrown, I always make sure to provide some keepsake for my children. This was fun because we tie dyed a pillowcase for all the guests to sign and now my son sleeps on it every night!

The beautiful sand art! All the kids got to make their own sand bottle. The colored sand was set up on a table where they walked around it to choose their colors and fill their bottles!

The big hit was the tie dyed pancakes which my son was most excited about!! :)

Some beginning works of the spin art.

Pancakes up close!

My tie dye cloth above the "goodie" table. We dyed the cloth the night before!

I so loved this idea- colored drinks in dye bottles! These are actually clear condiment bottles and we poured different color hawaiian punch in each. In addition, I designed and printed lables (pulled same design from the invitations I made) so each child could write their name on the bottles and have them as a keepsake!

My son also wanted tie dye syrup so we did the best we could with strawberry, blueberry, and maple syrups along with strawberries and blueberries, powdered sugar as toppings! I was so sad that we also had bananas but forgot to sit out! What was wrong with me??! sheesh :)

Gotta have tie dye paper products at a tie dye party!

Decor included tie dye balloons hanging from ceiling and tie dye goodie bags hanging on wall by clother line clips spelling out my son's name! All the kids got to grab a bag off the wall and fill it with goodies before leaving!

Goodie table included colored candies, glow necklaces, tie dye suckers, bubbles, tie dye slap bracelets and ink pens, it also included bubbles and my favorite part was the toothbrushes!! :)

Monday, August 8, 2011

He's a Hershey!

They didn't have time to order any online so they asked me and I designed the bar wrapper as quickly as I could just in time for the shower in the same week! :)

Time to tie dye!

So this is my son's birthday party tie dye invitation. It's his "favorite color!" :) The party is Saturday and pictures of that will follow!