Sunday, April 3, 2011

New Year's "Booklet"

So, this year, as every year, I wanted something unique for my own family Christmas cards. Well, needless to say I never have enough time to send out Christmas cards, so I take advantage of the New Year's option! Plus, it's like a little surprise gift for all our family and friends after the holidays are over!...especially, since I don't actually send them out until Spring! hehe!:) Anyway, I decided to do a "booklet" of our year as a family. Unfortunately, we don't see all those we love often enough and I thought this was the best way to share our life throughout 2010. I made the card with a collage of photos highlighting the special moments we experienced each month of the year. I started with a simple cover page and ended it basically the same way. I used white card stock and created each page to be approximately 5x7. Ultimately, it was like each page was an actual card itself. I punched holes in corner and tied ribbon for the "scrapbook" look! I really liked the way it turned out but I had to hand-deliver most of them. They were nearly $1 each to mail! haha! (didn't even think about that in the design process) Wished we could've given them to every single person we know... but another good reason why I can post it here! :) Hope you like it as much as we did.

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