Monday, May 18, 2009


ok so a few dishes from the beach wedding from my oh so creative, not caterers (I hard to believe), aunts...:) The Cake, though was created by the groom's mom with real seashells but graham cracker crumbs as sand. The starfish is actually chicken salad with crackers crumbled on top. Oh the pineapple, was actually a keylime dip,mmmmmmm, and the fishy creature was a dip. A few other items were crab stuffed mushrooms, shrimp with a teriyaki sauce, chocolate cups.ALL the food was oh so delicious!!! Everyone thought it was professionally catered, but I guess there is just so much talent that runs through the family!


justynabradley said...

FINALLY (as I am certain you had not one thing to do )-- I checked your blog 234.6 times today~
This is just fantastic ...creative with a capitol C!

justynabradley said...

..and another thing,,those little cups are divine~

justynabradley said...

I had to take another peek!
I love the photos..